Book Holiday Cottages To Enjoy Your Vacation To The Fullest

self catering cottage

Northamptonshire is one of the most popular as well as hottest tourist spots where lots of people visit throughout a year. However, if you are also going to visit there then it is highly advised to you that you should arrange your stay in any good holiday cottage in Northamptonshire. Cottages over there are available at very reasonable rates. The best part of these cottages is that they provide you a home like experience and these cottages can also be known as self catering cottages where you need to cook your food by your own.

Facilities of these houses

These cottages are mostly available at country side places only and they are considered very suitable for every budget visitor. These cottages are not compact in space and they are even considered very good for get together functions where people can comfortably stay and live. You also get a vintage feel if you live in a holiday cottage because most of these are decorated with historic antiques and other unique decorative. In order to provide more aesthetic look wood is mostly used in the construction of these houses. These cottages are located mostly in a hassle-free location where you can spend your vacation very soothingly and calmly and most importantly you also get pure air. You get a separate living room, kitchen, bathroom, so that you can enjoy comfortable vacation. You can take these cottages on rent for a week or 2-3 days as per your convenience and moreover you can also check the ratings of each cottage.



The W Trek to Patagonia

Patagonia has long been on our places to visit and we finally managed to put together a trip. We spent a night at Santiago, before heading to Patagonia, to add the famous “W Trek” in Torres del Paine National Park to our list of accomplished tours.  Established in 1959 the park is is a natural reserve of glaciers, glacial lakes, deep valleys, famous granite mountains, and beautiful pine forests that has become a tourist attraction. More than a hundred thousand tourists and trekkers visit this park round the year and it has become the most desirable destinations among travelers to Lat-America. The W Trek  got its name as it is an amazing natural formations of three valleys in a W shape. Most popular course in the park the location offers a view of all the 3 gems of the region: Glacier Grey, the French Valley, and the picture-perfect Torres Towers.

The W Trek earns its name from the natural formations of three valleys in a W shape. It’s the most popular course in the park, as it hits all the major sights: Glacier Grey, the French Valley, and the picture-perfect Torres Towers.


Through the icy lens – Mystical Iceland

It prides me to be part of this travelers’ pack as we have untold stories of the seldom visited places from around the world. Recently one of our group members came back from the land of mist, ice and icebergs – Iceland and he captured his journey through his lenses. Mark is an avid traveler who loves exploring the difficult and extreme terrains of the world.

Imagining that the summer would be the ideal time to embark on trip to Iceland, Mark braved maximum temperatures of a modest 18 /19 degrees Celsius during his visit. Yes! 18 degrees is still chilling for us but that’s the best this land of pardox had to offer. Adorned with abstract nature, this country is a photographer’s paradise and Mark has some stunning views to share with you, so without much ado enjoy these snapshots of heaven on Earth.